Clock mimics sunrise, sunset

Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Alarm clock

Rise and Shine clock lamp

You may think you have time. You don't. It's almost November. That's why I suggest bookmarking this in the holiday ideas folder on your Web browser. You mean you haven't started one yet?

The Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Alarm clock is like the Wake-up Light, but with a few more bells and whistles. The lamp/alarm clock will both wake you up and try to put you to sleep. For morning, set the clock so that sunlight and wake-up noises gradually increase over a 5-, 15-, 30- or 60- minute period. When you go to bed, there's a sleep function that allows you to do the exact opposite. You can wake up to AM/FM radio, or one of eight programmed sounds that include things like songbirds, ocean surf sounds and spring rain.

At $150 from Verilux, it might be more of a chip-in gift for that hard-to-buy-for aunt or uncle.

(Photo: Verilux)

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