Clipper MP3 player, apocalypse-approved

Details on the Archos Clipper MP3 player reveal a 2GB capacity, basic design, and budget price

Archos Clipper MP3 player.
The Archos Clipper gives the iPod Shuffle a run for its money, only four years too late. MyMemory

Mobile phones and Netbooks may be nibbling away at the market for portable media players, but there will always be a demand for dirt-cheap, bare-bones MP3 players. Our grandchildren could be living in a post-apocalyptic waterworld or an off-planet Martian colony--but the cheap MP3 player will endure like some kind of technological cockroach.

It seems fitting, then, that the latest budget MP3 player from Archos bears a resemblance to our favorite end-times-surviving insect. The Archos Clipper is your basic clip-on MP3 player with 2GB of storage, priced at around $30. There's no screen, no frills, no fancy colors--nothing to save you from a robot uprising or nuclear annihilation .

In all fairness to Archos, the company has been on the sidelines of the MP3 player game for a few years now, focusing its efforts on the emerging Netbook and tablet PC markets. Unlike the Clipper, the company's upcoming Archos 9 media tablet is one of the more drool-inspiring products I've seen all year. I guess you've got to put your money where your priorities are.

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