Clickfree Traveler unveils solid-state backup solution

Clickfree just announced their new Traveler external hard drive

Set it and forget it. Clickfree

Clickfree just announced its new Traveler external hard drive that uses the same file-based transfer software we reviewed in the Clickfree Portable Backup Drive back in January. The difference is that this device uses solid-state technology for faster transfers and increased durability.

Clickfree stresses that its file-based software is different from other backup solutions that only create an image of the host computer onto their drives. During this "total backup," the drive will restore operating systems and applications, but also winds up restoring viruses, malware, and corrupt files.

Clickfree's automatic backup software only restores your "irreplaceable data," including personal photos, music, video, documents, e-mails, etc...the restore wizard bundled with the drive puts these files back into their original location after a crash, and you can even backup NAS, DVDs, and other external drives.

Smaller is indeed better. Clickfree

Best of all, the drive uses solid-state technology, so it's much smaller than a normal hard drive, about the size of a hotel keycard. Unfortunately, solid-state prices aren't nearly as cheap as disk-based drives, so you're paying a premium for the speed and size benefits.

The Clickfree Traveler Drive is available now in 16GB ($80), 32GB ($150), and 64GB ($250) capacities. We currently have a 32GB model in the labs, so look for an in-depth review coming next week.

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