Click and Grow grows a Grow Light for all

The indoor smart garden company, Click & Grow, announces availability of a new LED light that can be used with existing gardens. Also announced is a new Sugar Leaf plant cartridge.

Spruce up the smart garden with the Grow Light from Click & Grow.
Spruce up the smart garden with the Grow Light from Click & Grow. Click & Grow

The indoor smart garden continues to grow. Click & Grow announced today availability of its new Grow Light ($49). Available as an optional add-on to its Smart Flower Pot, the light picks up where the company's previous Kickstarter campaign (covered here) left off. Now, anyone can accessorize their current gardens -- and add a new plant cartridge.

In addition to the new light, Click & Grow announced the addition of a Sugar Leaf refill to its growing product lineup. The natural sweetener sprouts within two weeks of activating the cartridge and has a lifespan that can reach a year and a half. Like the other plant cartridges, the Sugar Leaf cartridge contains all the seeds and nutrients for hassle-free growth.

The hormone-free, pesticide-free, and fungicide-free growth medium that the garden uses is well-suited for indoor use and now even more so with the availability of the 3-watt LED light. Designed for prolonged use, the light features steel arm construction and a preprogrammed timer that operates on a 24-hour cycle (16 hours on, 8 hours off). The light is specially designed to be pleasing to the eye, giving plants a natural appearance, and can be removed once the plant matures. After that, it's just a matter of harvesting -- from the comfort of your own kitchen counter.

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