Clean up with this soap dispenser

It's simple to refill this soap dispenser -- just use the funnel stored underneath its body.

Fun with funnels. Casabella

Appearance is important in the kitchen, but function is critical. As much as I'd like to have pristine countertops, I do need to have easy access to basics like dish soap. And while I like to idea of refilling a pretty soap dispenser, I hate when soap spills all over the counters as I attempt to line up the two small bottle necks.

This $10 soap dispenser from Casabella provides an ingenious solution in the form of a funnel stored underneath its body. Yes, I could just use an ordinary kitchen funnel, but that's yet another item I have to first find and store afterward. This one stays right with the dispenser so it's handy when I need it.

Casabella's dispenser also features windows on the bottle so you can see at a glance how much soap is left. And the rubber base helps keep it in place on a wet counter.

The pump isn't yet on Casabella's site, but you should already be able to find it in stores.

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