Cisco hacker lands a job at Juniper

Michael Lynn has found a job at Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems' Silicon Valley rival.

Lynn was a security researcher at Internet Security Systems until this summer's Black Hat security confab in Las Vegas. He roiled the security community when, after quiting his position at ISS and in defiance of Cisco's protests, he demonstrated at Black Hat that it is possible to commandeer a Cisco router.

Following his presentation on July 27, Lynn displayed his resume to the audience and announced he was looking for a job. At the time he said that he had some offers, but at Black Hat several executives at well-known security companies said .

Now the researcher, who was sued by ISS and Cisco for violating their intellectual property rights, has landed at Juniper, which is based in Sunnyvale, Calif. Lynn settled the legal dispute.

A Juniper representative confirmed on Friday that the company hired the former ISS researcher, but would not provide further details about his employment. "We have a policy of not discussing the roles and responsibilities of individual employees," the representative said.

Cisco on Wednesday released a patch for the most-critical of the flaws exploited by Lynn in his Black Hat presentation.

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