Cingular horns in on Helio with MySpace

Now available to all Cingular subscribers, MySpace Mobile is no longer an exclusive feature of Helio phones.

MySpace Mobile, now on Cingular Cingular Wireless

When Helio struck an exclusive deal with MySpace earlier this year, it became the only carrier in the nation to support MySpace Mobile--in fact, MySpace Mobile was one of the defining features of owning a Helio handset. Starting today however, all Cingular Wireless subscribers will have access to MySpace Mobile as well. All they have to do is text MYSPACE to 386 (FUN) to get the MySpace Mobile application. It costs $2.99 a month in addition to standard data charges, so it's not cheap. As with the Web version of MySpace, you can upload photos, approve friend requests, search for friends, post comments or blog entries, view groups or friends, and receive alerts via text messaging. For concerned parents, MySpace Mobile is fully compatible with Cingular's Parental Control so that they can control their children's access to wireless content. So now teens and 20-somethings everywhere can manage their MySpace network no matter where they are, be it at home or on the road.

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