Chop, shake, and dip ice-cream toppings fast

The Prepara Topper Chopper offers an all-in-one solution for ice-cream topping customization. The gadget prepares, dispenses, and stores toppings.

No screaming over melted ice cream.
No screaming over melted ice cream. Prepare

Ice cream waits for no one. With the sun beating down, there exists an opportunity that must be taken advantage of: ice cream eating before screams (for a replacement cone) fill the air. While melted ice cream may simply be a fact of life during summer heat, there is a way to maximize not only the time-to-ice-cream ratio, but also the flavor potential.

The Prepara Topper Chopper makes quick work of chopping and distributing ice cream toppings. Not limited to ice-cream toppings only, the gadget gives users an all-in-one solution thanks to its multitasking abilities. The simple hand-crank operation makes prepping toppings a breeze, but its real utility might just lie in the integrated storage (and dispensing) chamber.

A handful of chopped nuts, cookies, or candy pieces always at the ready can save valuable ice cream eating time. Not only does the device provide an easy way to chop and collect toppings for easy pouring or dipping, but it also lets ice-cream fans create the perfect blends for their cones or sundaes.

Of course, all this customization and convenience comes at a price. Be wary of not making selections ahead of time -- topping options may be seemingly endless, but ice-cream longevity certainly is not.

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