Chinese search engine develops Google Glass rival, says report is working on wearable tech called the Baidu Eye, the Chinese media reports.

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China's top search engine, Baidu, is working on wearable tech similar to Google's Project Glass device, according to the Chinese media.

Unnamed sources told news site that Baidu is testing a prototype called Baidu Eye.

The device has an LCD display, voice-controlled image recognition, and bone-sensing -- the same technology Google is deploying to allow for voice control functions on its Google Glass eyewear. Baidu Eye wearers will be able to make phone calls, search the Web, and use gestures to take and send photos, according to the report.

The device also will have an open platform for developers.Again, that sounds like Google Glass. also cited a Chinese language news site,, as reporting that Baidu is working with U.S.-based Qualcomm to give the device 12 hours of battery life. When asked if this particular report was true, a Qualcomm spokesperson told CNET: "We haven't made any announcements on this, so I don't have any information I can share."

Update, 3:42 p.m. PT: Added Qualcomm's response.

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