Chinese animation studio sues Apple over iTunes Store sales

Shanghai Animation Film Studio, which is backed by the Chinese government, claims that Apple sold its movies through iTunes without approval.

A Chinese animation film studio has sued Apple for allegedly selling its movies in its iTunes store without permission.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, citing a report from the South China Morning Post, Shanghai Animation Film Studio, which is backed by the Chinese government, has sued Apple for more than $500,000. The company argues that Apple sold over 110 of its movies, including "Calabash Brothers" and "Black Cat Detective," in the iTunes store without permission.

Apple has faced its fair share of troubles in China. The company last year was forced to pay $60 million to settle a lawsuit with Proview over the iPad trademark in that country. Chinese companies have also sued Apple for its use of the Snow Leopard trademark and Siri.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the animation studio is staying tight-lipped on the matter, saying only that "it's just a litigation in which we want to get compensation."

CNET has contacted Apple for comment. We will update this story when we have more information.

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