Chevy MyLink catches up with Ford Sync

Chevy launches MyLink, a new car technology that integrates with smartphones and MP3 players.

Chevy MyLink interface
The Chevy MyLink interface incorporates Pandora, using a paired smartphone for the data stream. GM

Ford Sync took an early lead in providing advanced integration with cell phones and MP3 players, but now Chevy is catching up, announcing a new technology called MyLink, which will offer many similar features.

Last year OnStar started testing app integration , using Pandora and Facebook. Chevy MyLink refines this functionality, incorporating Pandora and Stitcher, a podcast streamer. These apps are resident in the car, but use a paired smartphone's data plan for connectivity. Ford recently expanded Sync with AppLink , a service that integrates apps on a paired phone with the car's interface.

Beyond apps, MyLink provides the same sort of voice command capability as Sync, letting users dial contacts by name and request music from a connected MP3 player by artist, album, or song title. GM partnered with Nuance for voice command and Gracenote for song recognition.

MyLink will first roll out in the 2012 Chevy Volt and Equinox. MyLink-equipped vehicles will come with a 7-inch touch screen.

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