Chevy adds GogoLink navigation to list of MyLink apps

Chevy's MyLink system, which integrates smartphone connectivity with the car, adds the GogoLink navigation app to the current Pandora and Stitcher offerings.

GogoLink navigation
The GogoLink navigation app will be available on the Chevy Sonic and Spark. GM

Pandora has become the app most widely integrated with cars, but while customized streaming-music channels are nice, navigation is much more useful. Chevy obliges by adding the GogoLink navigation app to its MyLink connectivity system.

GogoLink will be available late this year in Chevy Sonic and Spark models equipped with the MyLink option. Including it in these cars lets Chevy offer navigation at the bottom of its model lineup.

MyLink's apps are embedded in the car, and the driver's smartphone gets used as the data conduit.

GogoLink, based on the GogoLive navigation app, not only shows point-to-point route guidance, but also integrates real-time traffic data to help avoid trouble spots. It includes a points-of-interest database and integrated Google local search.

Most usefully for navigation, it downloads and stores maps, so it can provide navigation in areas with no data connection.

Chevy will demonstrate its GogoLink integration at the New York International Auto Show, which runs from April 6 to 15.

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