Changes to Apple's telephone support policy?

Changes to Apple's telephone support policy?

I received a copy of a bulletin that supposedly was mailed out to Apple Authorized Service Centers yesterday. While the wording was a bit awkward, making some of the details a bit hard for me to figure out, it seemed to say that, starting April 15th, use of Apple's SOS-APPL number would be limited to only 90 days after purchase of a product. After that, you would have to pay for support. As I get clarification and confirmation of this, I will post more info.

Update: I have gotten reliable confirmation of the above. A source that wishes to remain anonymous writes: "The SOS line as you mentioned will go to a very strict 90-day free support via an 800 number. There will be an option for toll-based support, but the end-user will be paying for the call. This is something Apple has been planning for quite some time, but is just now getting ready to implement. For the past 6-9 months Apple has been putting the 90 day support information in every box, but has not enforced it. Now the system is ready, and Apple will enforce the policy."

Customers who purchased Apple products prior to April 1, 1996 will need to start using the toll-number immediately after April 15. Those with more recent purchases will have 90 days of free support starting April 15.



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