Change what happens when you double-click the iPhone's home button

Change what happens when you double-click the iPhone's home button

By default, the iPhone allows you to trigger the following actions when the home button is clicked: go the Home screen (Springboard); go to phone favorites; go to the iPod function. Wouldn't it be great, however, if you could double-click the home button and trigger an automatic launch of Safari, the dialing of a specific phone number, or a blank email message? A new native application dubbed "iPhoneHome" makes it possible.

To install the program: if your iPhone isn't yet set up to receive third-party applications, follow our applications guide and make sure you install Community Sources (as instructed). Next, launch Installer and install iPhoneHome from the "Utilities" section.

Once the program is installed, launch it and tap the "Change App" button. You can choose the dialing of any phone number, the creation of a blank email, the launching of the camera or any other application installed on your iPhone to be automatically effected when you double-click the home button (with your iPhone on and awake). Click "Save and Quit" and the change will take place.




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