Chances are, you can't use Apple's new LED display yet

After a little teasing, we finally have the full review of the Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display.

Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

After a little teasing , we finally have the full review of the Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display.

The most disappointing thing about the display is that unless you own a MacBook with a Mini DisplayPort connection, you won't be able to use it. That is until third parties release a Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter for it.

Since we could only test it on a MacBook, you won't see any performance numbers here, since our DisplayMate-based performance scores are based on a specific configuration. We do try to give as much performance perspective as possible, however.

Check out the full review to see how it performed. However, I will say this, the speakers on this thing are some of the best sounding I've ever heard coming from a monitor.

At one point, I was in our small enclosed monitor test room and had the sound way up while testing it with Kill Bill Vol. 1. After I came out of the room, I got a couple of comments from co-workers like "We can here you playing your video games in there, so we know you're not really working." They said they could "hear the swords slicing through the air with distinct clarity."

Good for the speakers, bad for any hopes I had of keeping my ruse going.


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