Chair promises to give a jolly good massage

With a name like "Jovial," what else can you expect?

Jovial Electronics

Anyone who's visited a mall in the last decade knows that massage chairs are a dime a dozen--or perhaps several grand, depending on the model--but we just can't pass up one that comes from a company called "Jovial." And it's not just any manufacturer, but one that claims to be "China's leader in massage chairs" (we'll have to take their word for it).

Geographic hyperbole aside, it's latest offering alone has got to put it high on the list: As well as some advanced bodywork technology, it promises to provide nothing short of a full multimedia experience. While it uses its programmable 3D body-scanning system to gauge your sore spots, you can make use of its built-in DVD player, loudspeakers, and synchronized massage music--all through its attached LCD controller, according to BornRich. We're not sure if we would describe all this as "jolly," but it certainly couldn't hurt.

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