CES: Rounding up Sony's new laptops

Sony goes for 3D, AMD, and more in new CES laptops.


LAS VEGAS--Sony's Vaio line adds several new models, including a high-end 3D gaming laptop and a slim 11-incher that is clearly aimed at replacing less expensive Netbooks in the company's lineup. Here are the new models, rounded up for easy viewing.

>> Sony's 13-inch Vaio S Series aims up the middle
The Vaio S series aims to offer a stylish 13-inch Vaio at much more competitive prices.

>> Sony trades Netbooks for the 11-inch Vaio Y series
In the space of 12 months, Netbooks, though still popular, have lost some of their sheen, and we're now seeing more-powerful 11-inch ultraportable laptops take their place. With that in mind, it makes sense that Sony is skipping new Netbooks this year, and instead focusing on the 11-inch Vaio Y series.

>> Sony jumps into 3D laptops with the Vaio F series
Sony is now joining the fray with the new Vaio F series 3D laptop, a 16-inch system that makes use of both Nvidia's popular 3D Vision technology and Sony's own 3DTV system.

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