CES: Nyko unveils 2011 gaming accessory lineup

Nyko unveiled the company's 2011 line of gaming accessories highlighted by PlayStation Move chargers and gun holsters.


Nyko has had a strong showing at CES over the past few years by introducing innovative third-party accessories for game consoles. Last year the company beat Nintendo to the punch by releasing the Wand+, the first Wii controller to feature MotionPlus built in.

We've gotten a look at the 2011 lineup, and this year Nyko has shifted its focus to target support for PlayStation Move. While we've already seen the two- and four-port Charge Stations for Move, also available in March will be a rifle-shaped Move accessory that should make first-person-shooter games a lot more realistic. Also coming in March will be the Perfect Shot for Move, a pistol-like attachment for the Move controller. Pricing on these two items has yet to be announced.

Xbox 360 owners shouldn't feel completely left out; Nyko's popular Intercooler console temperature regulator will hit the Xbox 360 Slim in February for just $20. To match the slick new styling of the Xbox 360 Slim, a redesigned version of the Charge Base will hit stores in March for $25 as well.

Those are the major products from Nyko's 2011 lineup; click through to our slideshow for the full roster of products.

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