CES: Lenovo's affordable all-in-one C205 aims at budget desktop market

The Lenovo C205 offers everything a family needs in a home computer: an AMD dualcore processor, plenty of memory, and up to 500GB of storage- plus a Web cam for video conferencing.

LAS VEGAS--The 18.5-inch wide-screen C205 is Lenovo's answer to the budget desktop computer, and Lenovo hopes that families will look to its all-in-one as the central data hub that can truly do it all. Powered by an AMD dual-core E-350 processor, up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, and up to 500GB of hard disk storage space, the C205 is well-equipped to handle light-duty functionality, streaming video, and most of the common processes that we expect in the modern household.

Unlike its full-featured sibling, the Lenovo IdeaCentre A320 , the C205 comes with an integrated optical DVD drive and a front-mounted Web camera for video chats, coupled with Lenovo's auto-sensing brightness display. You can also purchase an optional TV tuner for the system, although we'd rather trade it for the HDMI input jack you get on the A320.

Nevertheless, the Lenovo C205 offers a compelling alternative to the budget desktop computer, but you'll have to wait for our full review to get the final word. Pricing for the C205 will start at $299.

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