CES: Lenovo's 21.5-inch IdeaCentre B320 all-in-one focuses on TV watching

The new Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 focuses on enabling watching TV on your Windows desktop.

LAS VEGAS--While the Lenovo IdeaCentre B320 doesn't offer quite as many entertainment features as the larger, more expensive IdeaCentre B520, the 21.5-inch B320 offers a more specialized take, focusing on enabling you to watch TV content on your PC.

Lenovo's 21.5-inch IdeaCentre B320 comes with some unique TV-watching features.
Lenovo's 21.5-inch IdeaCentre B320 comes with some unique TV-watching features. Lenovo

The B320 comes with a TV tuner, which isn't particularly innovative, but it also supports a feature Lenovo is calling Hardware TV. Essentially it allows you to watch TV on your all-in-one without having to boot the system up first.

You get the same features you normally expect from a TV tuner-equipped PC, including recording and picture-in-picture (PIP) capabilities. Lenovo has streamlined the PIP process to make it feel more like that of a typical TV, and with a button on the included remote control you can switch between the TV and your Windows desktop in the main display window quickly.

The B320 will include Intel's new Sandy Bridge Core i5 quad-core CPUs, and will start at $699 when it hits stores in June this year.

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