CES: Jabra announces three new PC products

Jabra announces the EasyGo, the Chill, and the Speak410, all of which are certified to work with Skype and VoIP. The Chill and the EasyGo can also work with mobile phones.

Jabra EasyGo
Jabra EasyGo

Jabra announced a slew of new products here at CES 2011, and three of them are made with the PC in mind.

First is the Jabra EasyGo for the PC. Announced less than a month ago for the beginner headset market, the EasyGo is now Skype-certified to be used with the computer. It comes with a handy USB adapter and will automatically connect to the headset. The EasyGo is slim with simple controls, and it promises the usual DSP noise-canceling technology. The Jabra EasyGo also has multipoint, so you can connect to your phone and your PC at the same time.

Jabra Chill
Jabra Chill

Next is the Jabra Chill, which is one of a few Jabra products that is not cordless. The wired pair of headphones is designed to be used with both phones and VoIP calls, as it has a microphone and music player controls.

Jabra Speak410
Jabra Speak410

Last but not least is the Jabra Speak410, a USB-powered speakerphone that can be used with Skype. You can use it for voice conferencing or music playback.


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