Celebrity bear builds media presence with Web site, book deal

Baby polar bear, Knut, to help campaign against global warming with book and website.

Knut nuzzles with keeper,Thomas Dorflein Berlin Zoo

The world's youngest celebrity is building quite a media career. Five-month-old polar bear, Knut, is already a star at the Berlin Zoo. He also stars in more than two dozen YouTube videos, which have accumulated millions of plays. When you visit Knut's new personal Web site you'll see pictures and e-mails from adoring fans.

But today we learn that Knut and a human co-author have a book deal. One purpose of the book will be to draw attention to global warming, says the human writer. The book'll be published by Scholastic, which has a track record publishing hot books, like the Harry Potter series.

Young Knut is going to be both tech-savvy and human-tolerant, it seems. His mother, Tosca, turned her back on the baby when he was born. So Knut's being parented by zookeeper, Thomas Dorflein, who sleeps in Knut's zoo quarters.

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