Celebrate Odd Day in style

Folks at Oddday.net suggest ways to celebrate today's date, which is one of the century's six instances when three consecutive odd numbers make up the date.


I've got some news that might make you feel odd, quite literally (or maybe I should say, mathematically).

Today is 5/7/09, one of a few instances when three consecutive odd numbers make up the date. As a matter of fact, it's one of only six times this will happen in the century. Today is the third this century.

If you think Pi Day (March 14) is special, note that it happens 100 times in a century. So, mathematically, today is about 16.66 times more special than Pi Day.

For this reason, folks at Oddday.net are offering the date in dollars ($579) to those who win the site's Odd Day contest. To win the contest, you just need to involve the most people in the Oddest Parade of Odd Characters, write the best Odd Ode, or create the best Odd Celebrations.

Oddday.net also provides many ideas about what to do on these very special odd days, such as root for the odds-on-favorite, read the Wizard of Odds, find that missing odd sock, beat the odds, and (my favorite) give a friend a high-five.

Personally, I think this is even odder (aka random) considering that date format varies depending on the country you are in. In France, for example, today is 7/5/09, and that's not so special at all. But then again, the French are French, and that in itself is already very odd to me.

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