Ceiva playing at a fridge near you

Whirlpool's wired refrigerators will get its digital photo frames.

From the 'Centralpark Connection' Whirlpool

Having conquered the living rooms of grandparents everywhere, Ceiva's digital photo frames have set their sights on a new target--the refrigerator door. As ridiculous as that might sound, it's really the next logical step in kitchen-media convergence: We've already seen a steady rise in fridge TVs from Samsung, LG and other manufacturers, after all.

Ceiva's partnership is with Whirlpool, a deal that makes sense because of the appliance maker's "Centralpark Connection" networked line of iceboxes; Ceiva provides slide shows received by online feeds, so it's a natural fit. The Whirpool frames will debut next month in Best Buy outlets, according to Gearlog, for $250.

Besides, they can't be any sillier than those microwave TVs from Holland.

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