CEA Line Show 2009: Doughnuts, anyone?

We came, we saw, we took a few photos, and went home.

Come for the tech, stay for the doughnuts. Scott Stein/CNET

The Consumer Electronics Association held its annual summer CEA Line Shows this week in midtown Manhattan, and we stopped by for a quick look around. This is a pale, pale shadow next to CES, but at least a few big manufacturers were there to show their wares. Check out the gallery to see what a mid-afternoon June wander through a quiet bunch of tech booths feels like. We came, we saw, we took a few photos, and we went home.

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Scott Stein is a senior editor covering iOS and laptop reviews, mobile computing, video games, and tech culture. He has previously written for both mainstream and technology enthusiast publications including Wired, Esquire.com, Men's Journal, and Maxim, and regularly appears on TV and radio talking tech trends.


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