CBS and YouTube would like some free advertising ideas from you

Youtube and CBS would like your 15-second video, but at what cost? Free actually.

YouTube and CBS have announced a partnership in the form of a contest for a chance to be featured during a Super Bowl commercial. YouTubers need simply create a 15-second video of anything they want and join the 15-second user group. The top five videos are picked by judges and put up on, where people can vote on which one deserves the spot.

Dove is doing something similar for the Academy Awards, but the winners for that contest will get their own party out of it. There's no prize or revenue-sharing for this YouTube contest, so you're really only in it for the fame. What kind of message can be expressed in a quarter of a minute? Not a whole lot, but here's hoping for a Diet Coke and Mentos clip sandwiched by a beer commercial and a truck ad.

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