CarLashes add a little personality, lots of goofiness

That's right, someone has invented fake eyelashes...for your car!

We get the metaphor of headlights as the eyes of the car's face, but this is taking things a bit far.
We get the metaphor of headlights as the eyes of the car's face, but this is taking things a bit far. CarLashes

If you've found yourself on the Car Tech Blog, chances are you love cars. The odds are also good that you've formed a relationship with a car at some point; perhaps you even gave it a name. For most of us, that's usually where the anthropomorphizing of our vehicles ends, but there will always be someone who wants to take things a step further. For these people, there are products like Turbo Style Products' CarLashes. That's right, someone has invented fake eyelashes for your car!

The CarLashes can be cut to fit nearly any vehicle and are simply attached to the vehicle using 3M automotive grade adhesive. The manufacturer recommends that you affix the lashes to the glass of the headlight or the underside of the hood, but claims the adhesive tape will not react with or damage the vehicle's paint. People who want to add even more bling can grab the optional Crystal Eyeliner, a sparkly, faux-jeweled strip that adheres to the base to the lashes. The CarLashes retail for $24.99, and the Eyeliner is an additional $19.99 in the CarLashes Web store.

They're definitely not our cup of tea, but we get it. CarLashes are sort of silly, a whole lot goofy, and will probably rip off the first time the lashed vehicle is taken through an automated car wash. But in a world where Truck Nutz and Miata Teeth are allowed to exist, who are we to judge when someone wants to have a little fun with their ride? Check out the CarLashes with their optional Crystal Eyeliner in action in the video below.


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