CareGroup CIO votes for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

The CIO of CareGroup puts SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop through the paces, and finds that it's good enough for enterprise use.

It's just one man's opinion, but I always like to hear what the end customer thinks about technology. While I'm not a big believer in the Linux desktop (at least, as a direct competitor to OS X and Windows in the US/EMEA enterprise market), I'm glad to see SUSE Linux Desktop pass the test with the CIO of CareGroup:

...Halamka found in SUSE a version of the Linux operating system that didn?t crash or lock up once during the month he used it; that booted quickly (within 30 seconds); that was easy enough to navigate, and was well integrated with the Lenovo hardware. "It felt like a coherent suite of applications and functionality," he says. "This is the first open-source operating system [I?ve used] that has good wireless support, good USB support and a suite of software tools that allow a knowledge worker to get work done. Fedora was cutting edge but unstable. Red Hat [Enterprise Linux] was stable but didn?t support all of my USB devices. [SUSE] has stability and support for both."

Maybe there's hope for the Linux desktop, after all....

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