Cardboard speakers bring art, music on the road

Speakers made from recycled newspapers, phone books, and the like also have cool artsy designs.

Artist Mr. Lou created this OrigAudio speaker design, called Cityscape. OrigAudio

We've seen foldable cardboard speakers before by MUJI and others, but the lively patterns on these OrigAudio versions caught our eyes (or should that be ears?). The foldable, self-powered speakers (no batteries or external power required) come in designs with names like Cityscape, Lake, Daydream, and Surf Break. You can even create custom artwork, but you'll have to order 500 units to go that route, so...

Perhaps best of all, they're recycled, made from old newspapers, phone books, and the like. The speakers, which are 3.15 inches on each side, cost $16 a pop, with a six-pack going for $60, and are universally compatible with any device that has a headphone jack (MP3 players, laptops, cell phones, CD players).

As for sound quality, don't count on using the 1-watt device at your next big house party. The company stresses that they're best used for more modest auditory applications, such as travel, the beach, dorm rooms, and cubicles.

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