Capsure tells you exactly what color you're seeing

Developed with Pantone, the company that standardizes color by codes, the device can produce the color code for an object when pointed at it.

X-Right Censure

Some designer friends of mine have gotten into arguments with printing firms when they can't agree if the color used was the one agreed upon. But if they had the X-Rite Capsure, I'm pretty sure the disagreement could be resolved with a click.

The device was developed with Pantone, the company that standardizes color by codes that are widely used in the design and printing industries. You can point the gizmo at any surface and press a button to get the color code for it. Three onboard lamps evenly illuminate the subject, which should help deliver more accurate tonal data.

I can think of many other ways to use the gadget, though. For example, I could mess with a kid's mind by telling him the sky isn't blue, but #5aacff. The Capsure is available on Pantone's site for $649.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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