Can't open certain Web pages or links in Safari? Reset items

Various Safari weirdness can be tamed with a reset.

[Friday, January 25th]

If you're experiencing an inability to load specific Web pages in Safari either by clicking links or accessing URLs directly -- particularly if they're all from the same site -- resetting certain elements of the browser can prove effective.

Take the recent case of MacFixIt reader Hayden Coon, who couldn't access any pages on the New York Times Web site. Initially he wrote:

"I am running Mac OS X 10.5.1 and have not been able to get Safari to open the links to stories in New York Times e-mailed materials, especially New York Times daily e-mail 'Headlines.'  This problem has appeared in the past 3 weeks or so and, I believe, started with intermittent failures to open but has quickly progressed to not opening any New York Times links.  I can't even "unsubscribe" because the link fails.  This is true for  my Mac Pro (10.5.1) but not my QuickSilver (10.4.11)."

We recommended that Hayden try a reset of Safari, which worked. He replied:

"After thinking about the problem (see last communication) - I concluded that since my problem pertained uniquely to New York Times - that it might well be a cookie failure.  So, I swallowed my fear and reset 'all cookies as well as other things.  Mirabile dictu, the problem was solved.  Thank you for the clue that led me (haltingly) to the Fix."

In Safari 2.x and prior, resetting Safari meant obliterating a host of data in one fell swoop. With Safari 3.0, however, you can pick and choose the items you'd like to reset, making for a more accurate solution that won't delete unnecessary information.

If, like Hayden, you're experiencing an inability load pages endemic to a certain site, try deleting cookies and the cache. If you're experiencing general Safari slowness, try deleting website icons. If you can't narrow the issue down, a general reset may work.


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