Canon gets wide-eyed with two new lenses and a white SL1

Canon users now have two new wide-angle lenses to choose from, including a new L-series 16-35mm and a regular 10-18mm.


It's taken some time, but Canon has finally added an image-stabilised ultra-wide model to its lens range.

Canon already has a speedy EF 16-35mm L-series lens with a constant maximum aperture of f/2.8, though it doesn't come with IS. The new glass keeps the same focal length as before, but is a touch slower at f/4.

Designed for landscape and general-purpose photography, the 16-35mm IS is dust and drip-proof like other L-series lenses. It also comes with 9 aperture blades for smooth bokeh and a minimum focusing distance of 0.28m. Canon claims that the IS system gives you 4 stops of latitude when it comes to reducing camera shake.

Because the lens is a full stop slower than the f/2.8 model, it's a bit cheaper, debuting at US$1,199 in June.

The SL1 (or EOS 100D) will finally arrive in the US in a white paint job from June. Canon

Those on a budget but still looking for that wide-angle fix will want to turn to the EF-S 10-18mm lens, designed for Canon's crop-sensor models. It features a maximum aperture range of f/4.5-5.6, comes with image stabilisation and the Stepping Motor (STM) functionality for smoother and quieter focusing during video recording.

Compared to the existing EF-S wide-angle zoom lens in the range, the 10-22mm, this new 10-18mm lens is 20 percent smaller and 38 percent lighter -- though of course you do lose a bit of reach at the telephoto end.

It will cost US$299.99 when it arrives in June.

Finally, for those photographers pining after the colourful SLRs available in Japan and Europe, never fear -- the EOS Rebel SL1 finally comes in white. Expect it at the end of June for US$749.99 with the (also white) kit 18-55mm lens.


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