Canon firmware update eases 3D shooting with XF300 series pro camcorders

A firmware update slated for this summer will facilitate dual-unit shooting in 3D.

Canon XF305 Canon USA

In advance of next week's NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show, Canon announced the intent to ship a summer firmware update for its XF300 and XF305 pro camcorders , thus bringing them into parity with the cheaper XF100 series.

The update will deliver the same 3D Shooting Assist features: the ability to use the image stabilizer to shift the optics for alignment across camcorders and a Focal Length Guide for calibrated zooming. It also adds up/down/left/right image inversion to the Scan Reverse function. Even if you don't shoot 3D there's reason to update: the firmware enhances the card slot operation with mirror recording to the second slot as well as turning relay recording off.



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