Can you be MC Hammer's pal? Social startup has an answer

The entertainment icon endorses 1mind, a new social network from the duo behind About Last Night. This latest startup uses a personality match algorithm to find folks who are similar to you.

1Mind tells you how ready you are for Hammer Time. Screenshot by Donna Tam/CNET

New social network 1Mind believes it can match you with potential friends based on your personality and is launching its product with a very famous friend -- rap icon MC Hammer.

It's not just about being 2 Legit 2 Quit or having a shared love for parachute pants, 1Mind will score your compatibility with MC Hammer using a personality test that considers how you make decisions and interact with others. It will then enhance your score over time depending on how you answer mini-polls created by other 1Mind users, like a constant Myers-Briggs test.

Darrin Dodge, co-founder of 1Mind with brother Derek, said the social network is not about finding a date or finding new friends based on already existing connections. There's already a place for that.

"We're not trying to be Facebook," Darrin Dodge said. Instead, 1Mind is built on top of it. It means to connect with people who will think like you. Once a good connection is determined, you can add the person as a friend on Facebook.

When you sign in to 1Mind, it asks you to take a personality test and then displays some potential matches in a strip on the top of the page. The rest of the page has one-question polls that 1Mind calls "games." The idea is that you play these games and challenge others to play games you create in order to test your compatibly with others. 1Mind is available on iOS and Android.

This isn't the Dodge brothers' first social network. The duo were behind About Last Night , a nightlife app launched at Techcrunch Disrupt last year. Derek Dodge said the two grew up with a "start-up mentality." That's not surprising considering their father is Don Dodge, a high-profile Google executive who rolled the dice back in 2000 on a little digital music startup called Napster.

From left, Darren Dodge, MC Hammer and Derek Dodge. Courtesy of Derek Dodge

The brothers have decided to leave About Last Night on autopilot and focus solely on 1Mind because they've raised about $500,000 from friends and family, including their dad, to get 1Mind going. There's no business model yet, but Darrin Dodge said they would consider contextual ads in the future or doing some partnerships around celebrities. For now though, they just want to build the community. And MC Hammer -- a family friend from Don Dodge's Napster days -- wants to help them by lending his name.

"Now more than ever we need to come together and focus on what we have in common. I am inviting everyone to join 1Mind to see what they have in common with me, and discover people all over the world who share their unique interests," MC Hammer said in a press release.


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