Camp like 'Avatar' in a floating hammock-tent cocoon

A suspended hammock shelter on Kickstarter lets you camp up in the air, away from bugs and the hard ground.

Nube tent
It's like sleeping on air. Sierra Madre Research

Just because you're camping, doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable. You could sleep on the ground like everybody else, or you could pick up a Nubé through Kickstarter. The Nubé is an advanced hammock shelter that keeps the elements outside.

The whole contraption hangs suspended off the ground with a gear holding area below the sleeping area. Slather on some blue makeup and you can pretend like you're an extra in "Avatar."

Camping up in the trees isn't a new idea. This globe treehouse came out last year, but costs thousands of dollars. The Nubé, in contrast, is going for a $250 pledge. The project has already handily surpassed its $30,000 funding goal.

Sierra Madre Research has advanced the concept of hammock shelters with some design improvements. The Nubé has a water barrier for rainy conditions and an insect shield for buggy conditions. The gear compartment can hold up to 200 pounds, so you could stash a whole person in there if necessary.

The whole system weighs just over 4 pounds. You have to provide your own camping hammock to go inside it, unless you pledge at the $350 level with a hammock included.

In case you're camping someplace where trees aren't handy, the Nubé can be pitched on the ground, though you'll have more fun if you're floating up in the air.

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