Camera combat: Nokia 6300 vs Sony Ericsson K810i vs Nokia N95 vs Canon IXUS 70 vs Canon 400D

Ever wondered how cameras and camera phones such as the Nokia 6300, Sony Ericsson K810i, Nokia N95, Canon IXUS 70 and Canon 400D would measure up to each other?

Ever wondered what the difference is between a 2-megapixel camera phone and a 10-megapixel dSLR camera? We've rounded up some of the most popular cameras and camera phones and tested them, taking pictures in medium and dark lighting conditions to see how they perform.

All the shots were taken with devices taken straight out of the box, and we used the default settings or an automatic mode if there was one. Obviously these images have been resized to fit the Web, so they're not fully representative of how they would look if they were printed out professionally at full size. Given that most people compress their digital photos to publish on the Web, email them or transport them, we still think this test is valuable.

Nokia 6300
First up, we tested the Nokia 6300, which comes with a 2-megapixel camera, which doesn't feature auto-focus, a flash or LED photo light. As you can see from the top photo, taken in medium light conditions, the colours look faded and the photo looks blurry.

The bottom photo was taken in low light and again looks blurry and very grainy, due to the lack of auto-focus and flash.

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