California data held up for Offender Locator app

The iPhone Offender Locator is back on iTunes, but without California offender data.

Previously, after a short banishment , the Offender Locator iPhone app was back on iTunes, but without access to offender data from California.

After contacting California attorney R. Sebastian Gibson to determine whether the app breaks any California laws, ThinAir Wireless, the app's creator, submitted an updated version of Offender Locator re-enabling access to the California data well over a week ago.

In his reply, which CNET obtained Wednesday, Gibson said that Offender Locater does not break any California laws. He also disputed an early complaint about the app (shown below) that said it was not legal in California because "selling the personal information of people (even ex-criminals) for profit is forbidden." Gibson called that complaint "not valid."

App review by anynicknameready Apple

A revised version of the app has been submitted and has been waiting Apple's approval for about a week, but, according to ThinAir, Apple has yet to respond.

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