Calendar tears off its own pages

Power tool company Stihl requests an unusual way to promote its leaf blowers, and it appears to have gotten what it wanted.

Stihl Autumn Calendar 2010

Here in San Francisco, where the seasons consist of rain, fog, sun, and more fog, we don't really get to enjoy the beauty of falling autumn leaves. At least we can get a vague approximation of the process via the Stihl Autumn Calendar 2010.

On a daily basis, the calendar automatically tears off and drops its own pages, which are designed to look like leaves in various fall hues. It accomplishes that by ripping out the bookbinding thread along its spine using a motorized reel.

Ad agency Euro RSCG in Dusseldorf, Germany, came up with the idea to promote leaf blowers from power tool company Stihl. Stihl wanted something that had never been seen before, and it appears to have gotten it.

The calendar will mostly get sent out as a business gift to key Stihl accounts, such as major cities. It doesn't cover the whole year, running instead from September 23 through December 21--about the time those spectacular colored leaves don't fall in San Francisco.

(Via ZDNet's The ToyBox)

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