Cables as art: Behold the 'Connected' sculpture

It's gorgeous, but is it functional? Or does it even need to be?

Kasey McMahon

Now that it's 2010 and we're all wireless-ified, there's plenty of Cat 5--better known as Ethernet--cable lying around. You could throw it out, but right now we're all trying to be green. So instead, let's make art, like L.A.-based artist Kasey McMahon did with this stunning sculpture.

She used an unknown quantity of steel, CAT 5, and other data cables to sculpt a life-size interpretation of herself, and called it "Connected."

I'm just wondering if I could actually use it. Would the connection of one toe line up with the connection coming from another finger? Could I play WoW with it? Or am I just supposed to look at it? My geek brain is confused.

(Via Switched)

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