<b>VirtualPC and connecting to a network on a G3 Mac

VirtualPC and connecting to a network on a G3 Mac

Fernando Alves could not get VirtualPC (1.0 or 1.0.1) "to recognize the network" connected to his G3/266/Desktop. He gets a message from Windows that says the "network is unavailable."

Fernando adds: "The G3 is running OS 8.1 with the Built-in Ethernet driver that comes with 8.1, version 2.0.2. However, I have also tried it on another G3 (a 233/Desktop) with OS 8.0 and Built-in Ethernet 2.0.1 with the same results. I previously used VPC on a PM7500 and all worked perfectly. As a matter of fact, the 7500 also had OS 8.1 w/Built-in Ethernet 2.0.2."

Other users have now reported similar problems.

Update: Connectix states: "We are 99% sure this is an Apple problem, but we are having a very difficult time tracking the problem down."


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