<b>Virtual memory slow down in Mac OS 7.6.1:<br>

Virtual memory slow down in Mac OS 7.6.1:

more on ATA Manager issue Last week, we reported a posting from an AOL Forum that some slow-downs associated with virtual memory (VM) in 7.6.1 were actually due to problems with ATA Manager performance (note: as far as I know, ATA Manager is only relevant to Macs with IDE drives). David Converse, AOL Forum Consultant for Mac OS, forwarded me the complete posting on this subject. It is from Jim Luther, an Apple engineer. It notes that the problem should equally affect RAM Doubler and virtual memory.

He also writes that this problem: "only affects the 5400/5500/6400/6500 systems because they have a unique implementation of the ATA Manager - ATA Manager 3 with DMA. The PowerBook 3400 has a completely new and fast ATA Manager (version 4) and all other systems that shipped with pre-ATA Manager 4 implementations didn't have the DMA hardware."


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