Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1141: Good news for high-tech mouth breathers

A new technology from Zyxio allows you to control your PC by breathing. Obviously this is good for accessibility, but it also could mean good and bad news for gamers.

A new technology from Zyxio allows you to control your PC by breathing. Obviously this is good for accessibility, but it could also mean good and bad news for gamers. We'll discuss. We also rundown the latest news from CES, including the Intel keynote. And we talk with the winner of the Apps for Innovation contest about his Web site that makes it easy for you to find out what the government is about to do to you and gives you a chance to make a comment.



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Intel touts 3D, apps for Netbooks at CES

Surprise, surprise: HTC’s Euro-spec Nexus One does multitouch

Palm introduces Palm Pre Plus: 16GB, coming to Verizon on January 25

Zyxio’s ’Sensawaft’ tech lets you control a cursor with your breath, you lazy jerk

Chat with Verizon Wireless CTO Lynch on end of all-you-can-eat pricing

France considers 'Google Tax' to pay creative work

Google launches local search for mobile

Greenpeace ranks Apple greenest electronics maker

Government skeptical wireless can open up broadband market

Digital albums, vinyl made a comeback in ‘09 while CDs slide

CEA Winner: Bob Burbach

Hey Buzz Crew,

I was listening to Yesterday’s podcast (Thursday at CES) and Leo was
talking about how MS is a “Me Too” company. Then you all went on to
talk about Ford Sync and how awesome it was. None of you pointed out
who Ford Sync was by… It’s by the “Me Too” company Microsoft. Just
thought I’d point that out.

Rock on,
Josh from Indiana


Hey Buzzos
Is it just me or was Tom Merrit flipping me off at 0:08 in his First Look video at the Samsung E-Reader from CES? Is he sending us some sort of subliminal message about Samsung or E-Readers? Why can’t he just use his pointer finger to point at it? I mean, it is called a POINTER finger.

-George B.


Hey gang,
There's a hidden message behind ESPN 3D that many people aren't getting when the channel was announced.

1 - ESPN
2 - ESPN 2
3 - ESPN U
4 - ESPNews
5 - ESPN Classic
6 - ESPN Deportes
7 - ESPN Plus
8 - ESPN 3D

ESPN 3D is the eighth channel, making ESPN 3D the unofficial ESPN the ocho.

New Orleans, LA

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