Buzz Out Loud 979: Underwear is big in Japan

Well, according to one listener, you can't get away from underwear in Japan so the Google StreetView cameras shouldn't try. Also if you deleted those pictures of you in your underwear from Facebook, I can still see them.

Well, according to one listener, you can't get away from underwear in Japan so the Google StreetView cameras shouldn't try. Also if you deleted those pictures of you in your underwear from Facebook, I can still see them. In fact, deleting photos from social media doesn't make it as deleted as you might like. We also talk Pirate Bay, RealDVD, and other court cases.

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Episode 979

Web sites ‘keeping deleted photos’

Apple Tablet in 2010

Big Content appeals Pirate Bay case--damages were too low

RealDVD case: Real introduces surprise witness

New bill wants fiber conduit built into every road project

Mozilla’s Jetpack to bring next-generation add-ons

Now Google tracking follows you out of cyberspace

World’s first battery fueled by air

Space station crew drinks up to recycled urine

Joke review boosts T-shirt sales

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Voice mail
Anonymous with a use for the compass

Hey there buzz hosts
Yesterday tom was trying to remember the movie industries business model with relation to streaming movies, here is a link to an article that is kinda old but in the article there is a diagram that shows the convaluted nature of the model.. … Love the show..
Charlotte, nc


You know, when Tom said “you can send memories now and put them on Youtube”
that is not that far away, see the following link:

(I talked about this on Futures in Biotech last week).

Dave (the psychologist)


Hello Gang
If you ever get to Japan there is absolutely no way to avoid seeing clothes drying outside.
I travel by train, car, bike and on foot.
If Google lowers the camera, I believe I saw a Google van near my work place, it really won’t matter.
If you walk down the street near any apartment complex, they call them mansions here, or house YOU WILL SEE UNDIES!!!!. 20+ storied dwellings and they have clothes flying to the four corners.
You may also see the great sport of government officials stealing them for their fetishes.
Yes my UA Boxers are flapping out there among the throng.

P.S. BOL doesn’t show up in Wolfram Alpha

ej in Yokohama


Regarding your story on how you can develop an inner compass – I went to college in Idaho and it was pretty much common knowledge that anyone who had grown up in Idaho had an internal compass. They always know where north is, even in a closed room. The reason for this is most of the towns in Idaho are set up in grid system so that to get around you constantly have to think about where north is. Having grown up in California, I still struggle with directions that reference north & etc. and find it frustrating how much people in Idaho (& other grid-based cities) assume that it is obvious.

Maybe since Jason is from Boise he also has experienced this?

Love the show!

Katie the Housewife/Technical Writer from Utah


Short and sweet, our latest OC ReMix is really, really cool if you like games OR beer!

Swedish ReMixer & game composer Mattias Holmgren remixed the classic Legend of Zelda Nintendo theme using nothing but a Heineken beer bottle! Definitely check out “Zelda Heineken” from OC ReMix (including info on the creative process), and let some people know about this unique piece of work if you enjoy.

The ReMix:
Mattias Holmgren:
OverClocked ReMix:


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