Buzz Out Loud 971: Contract assassin phone plan

AT&T unveils its new prepaid plan, which we think only Jason Bourne could love. Also, analysts say Android is poised for 900 percent growth, and the University of Missouri gets in bed with iPhone and iPod Touch.

AT&T unveils its new prepaid plan, which we think only Jason Bourne could love. Also, analysts say Android is poised for 900 percent growth, the University of Missouri gets in bed with the iPhone and iPod Touch, and we give cute nicknames to some of our fave technologies.

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Google Android will grow 900 percent in 2009, analysts say

University of Missouri requires students buy iPhone or iPod

Twitter's trouble with repeat users

The future of newspapers is now: New York Times Reader v2 released

Garmin Nuvi delayed

AT&T goes to daily plans

London government will slow your roll…or your car–slowing-vehicle-going-fast.html

Commercials on the Web?

Verizon Netbook coming soon?

Google is up to something in Search

Alison the librarian
Textbook profits

Tami from SC
Kindles no problem for high schoolers

Hi buzzerz,
Yakov, the computer programmer from stamford.

I know you all hate on windows mobile. But i have a windows mobile phone with 3G and Wifi, and a guess what i have an app that turns the phone into a wifi hotspot. Yea, just because the jesus phone doesnt, or can’t do it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.
(link via Rich)


Hey Buzz Crew,

I thought you might be interested in this little tidbit. In Vista (and the Windows 7 Beta I believe), they removed the “My” from the documents, movies, and music folder. Interestingly enough, they have re-added these in the windows 7 RC. It appears to be a preventative measure with the new libraries feature. Before they re-added this, you had two documents “folders.” Your documents folder and the Documents library, both named simply “Documents”. I found this whole change rather ironic since they only managed to remove the “My” tag for one release.



Hi Tom and Natali-
Welcome Back!

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ve missed!

Apple almost bought Twitter, then EA Games, but settled on sending
Rafe into a rage.
Cooley annoyed Tennessee, hillbillies and pre-paid cell phone users
while scoffing at space.
Molly ranted about numerous things. Then she upped her Geek Cred Level
by knowing the Konami Code.
The MPAA got even stupider.
Microsoft talked about Windows.
Amazon decided to save trees by charging a lot for the new Gigundle.
Buzz predicted they would the day before it happened. Spooky.
The government said there’s 95 percent saturation knowledge about the
digital television switch but cable companies are still sending flyers
to compel digital cable boxes.
We learned the world may end, again, with the imminent LHC power up.
And we heard the phrase ’silver ooze’ for the first time.

Sheala, GA


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