Buzz Out Loud 914: Natali is all wrestle and no cuddle

In this episode we find out that Hulu might be getting stomped, the government is spying on you through DTV boxes, and Natali prefers wrestling to cuddling. Seriously. She just doesn't like the word cuddling.

In this episode we find out that Hulu might be getting stomped, the government is spying on you through DTV boxes, and Natali prefers wrestling to cuddling. Seriously. She just doesn't like the word cuddling. But when a wrestling match offers to advertise Buzz Out Loud she's all for it.

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Hulu being removed from Boxee

Judge throws out lawsuit against Google Street View

Pirate Bay floats safe harbor claim, owns Big Content on PR

Internet traffic report: P2P, porn down; games and Flash up

Band sells music as an iPhone application

T-Mobile unlimited voice

Social networks sign EU pact to police for cyber bullies

Garmin heart rate monitor software now Mac compatible

MacBook’s “unremovable” battery easy to remove

E-mailing while asleep

Facebook and MySpace: Raising the risk of cancer?

Carrie from Farmington
How I stuck it to Facebook

David from PA
What’s REALLY going on with the set-top boxes

Hey JaToNa,

In episode 913, you talked about how Hulu content is no longer available on Well, it apparently doesn’t end there because now Hulu is going to be removed from Boxee by the end of the week. Just when you thought that the media companies were FINALLY starting to embrace (using the term “embrace” loosely) the Internet as a new medium for content delivery, the content providers decide to pick up their ball and go home.

I bought an Apple TV in the first place with the specific intention of watching Hulu ON MY TV (thanks to a certain CNet video from Tom)! And while I know there are other ways I can get Hulu on my TV (a netbook comes in handy for this), there was no better or easier way to than using Boxee on an Apple TV. Heck, I even convinced a few of my friends to buy an Apple TV strictly on a demo of Hulu running on Boxee. I now feel bad for convincing them to get an Apple TV given that they won’t be able to get Hulu anymore.

As for the fate of my Apple TV, I’ll still use it to watch my handbraked movies (legally bought) and to watch my video podcasts (especially Loaded). However, it just doesn’t feel the same as before, similar to when that childhood friend moves to another state. Yeah, you say you’re going to write and keep it touch, but you never do…

Angel (from Puerto Rico)


Dear JaNoTo;
The problem with most of the medical wiki’s is that people don’t do the full
research to properly diagnose their conditions (IMHO over 90% of medical
problems can be diagosed by a good history & physical without all the fancy
tests) and they come to snap decisions. This is especially important when,
like everyone, someone want’s to find a simple, benign diagnosis for their
and can miss subtle finding pointing to a more serious condition and
lifesaving treatments are delayed. I LOVE it when patients come into my
office informed and are able to ask appropriate questions but have a hard
time when they come in and quote the “Insert name of popular pulp magazine
here (name withheld to prevent litigation)” saying “But they said that
pressure on the chest isn’t heart disease but acid reflux so just give me my
antiacids and I don’t need an EKG”.

Love the show.

Dr. L Harvey, MD, FACS, CNSP aka dr_mom of twitter


Got some buzzzzz. Windows Live now has pop3 access wow that took a while didn't it…, and you can use it on your iPhone natively!

straight from windows live blogs Feb 12!

- Cnet User… Pando85


Hello guys,

Not a question for the show, but would you mind if I advertised your podcast at a live wrestling event on a video screen in Luton, England on March 14. If its ok i’ll mock up a title card for the screen on photoshop for it. I just want more people in the UK to listen to you so I can talk to people about it! haha.

David Toms

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