Buzz Out Loud 770: What's cooler than being cool? The Large Hadron Collider.

Go ahead, tailor that song with awesomely geeky lyrics vis-a-vis the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson. Tom did. Actually, Tom won't stop. Let's move on. In other news of the day, Kevin Mitnick signed a book deal, so prepare to have your mind rock

Go ahead, tailor that song with awesomely geeky lyrics vis-a-vis the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson. Tom did. Actually, Tom won't stop. Let's move on. In other news of the day, Kevin Mitnick signed a book deal, so prepare to have your mind rocked by his awesome adventures; Ubisoft DRM reminds us that DRM sucks; and NBC decides to let Jimmy Fallon try out his late-night skills online before he does the real thing. Good idea.
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Podcast 770

In settlement, Icahn to join Yahoo board’s S3 experiences hours-long outage

Hacker team releases iPhone 2.0 jailbreak

Uber-hacker Kevin Mitnick signs tell-all book deal

The inside story on the San Francisco network hijacking

Ubisoft DRM snafu reminds us what’s wrong with PC gaming

NBC figures out the Web: It’s a TV training ground

Mom continues to chase Prince over ‘fair use’

One of the coolest places in the universe

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Anonymous Scotsman
Apple got mental over MobileMe.


If Wolverine’s bones were grafted with graphene instead of adamantium,
wouldn’t that mean he would no longer be vulnerable to Magneto’s

Good guys prevail!


I am the co-founder of Open Tech Inc. I just wanted to alert you and
the media that we are a Open Source Computer company that is here to
beat Psystar and not make the mistake they did. We have two computers
that are open OS and are fully capable of running more than one OS.
Our Web site is in beta and our company will be shipping by early-to
Our Web site URL is:

Elijah Samaroo
Vice President of Open Tech Inc.
President of Online Sales and PR

Hey guys,

This is likely going to be a great day for Amazon Marketplace sellers, who now no longer need compete with Amazon’s own offerings of titles. Amazon’s really in a good position to make a move like this; it makes a complete profit from letting third parties sell through its Web site, plus its customers still get the books they want for good prices, and the security that buying through Amazon provides.

But it’s still an abuse of a dominant position. Supermarkets may get bigger discounts, but they only sell a small selection of titles and can only sell to people who come to do a weekly food shop. Amazon sells to anyone with a computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world.

If it was a CD issue then I’d be all for it. By all means cut off the major record companies and instead promote used CD sales — cutting off Hachette Group is like cutting off EMI, not like cutting off indie labels.

The major issue here, however, is that authors can’t make money from touring in lieu of CD sales (not that CDs make them heaps of cash anyway). And when was the last time you saw someone wear a Stephen King T-shirt?

What do you reckon?

Take care,


Can you believe this? Rogers--my ISP here in Canada-- is overriding my default search engine!

See screen shot here:

Instead of getting my normal Google search result when I type in a bad URL, I’m now getting the Rogers’ “Supported Search Results” complete with all kinds of ads from Rogers!!

Why do I have to “op-out” of this when I’ve never even asked for it in the first place?

Although opting out is easy, I still have to “op-out” on every single browser on every single machine I use.

I happen to use 3 different browsers depending on what I’m doing and with 3 computers, I have to “op-out” 9 times! This is crazy!

Herman Cheung
Ottawa, ON, Canada

More screen shots here:


I would not put too much stock in the rumors that mice will go away in 5 to 10 years. I lived through the great pen scare of the late 1980s early 1990s at a company called Momenta. We sold our first computer to Bill Gates and later sold the first Windows for Pen Computing computers. Pundits like John C. Dvorak, Esther Dyson and Geoffrey Moore were predicting the demise of both mouse and keyboard in something like 5 to10 years. So, this seems to be one of those things that is always 5 to 10 years away like flying cars.

Chris the podcaster

The “Killer Asteroid” is actually going to pass by earth in 2029 (Friday the 13th), but should not hit earth. It’s going to be passing incredibly close to earth, and earth’s gravitational pull is supposed to alter the trajectory of the asteroid.
Nasa Web site:

When it passes by earth, It will be so close that many scientists will be able to take very precise measurements on its trajectory. So, in just over 20 years we’ll know the probability of it hitting earth in 2036, but until then the asteroid is simply too far away for us to make precise enough measurements on it.

Love the show,


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