Buzz Out Loud 763: Average people suck

By average people we mean, mean people. As we have learned that mean and average are indubitably the same thing. However, we also learned on today's show that men are from Redmond and women are from Cupertino.

By average people we mean, mean people. As we have learned that mean and average are indubitably the same thing. However, we also learned on today's show that men are from Redmond and women are from Cupertino. That and a lot of news that actually isn't about the iPhone. Though we covered that to.
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iPhone 2.0 software available for download

Apple launches new iTunes with App Store

It’s iPhone 3G tear-down time

The 'fake' Steve Jobs is giving up parody blog

Pirate Bay wants total network encryption, but does anyone else?

Comcast, Vonage collaborate on network management

Windows XP a hot item on Amazon

Yahoo Games shifts to free games in alliance with two game ad start-ups

Women more frustrated by the Web?

Workplace BlackBerry use may spur lawsuits

Google open sources browser sync


How to pronounce Koppelverkoop

Or do you pronounce it this way?

Want a cheap iPhone?

Make joke.


This is a little bizarre. Donald Knuth, one of the greatest programmers of all time, doesn’t use email. Weirder yet, Richard Stallman, found of GNU, doesn’t use the web, except through Lynx (a text based browser).

Love the show.

aka dOgBOi

Hello Tom, Jason, and (hopefuly Caroline McCarthy),

What do you think? Is the iPhone the new RAZR? Is it the super cool phone that will turn into the phone even your grandma has?

I would like to wait for the Xperia X1. However, since I’m not Tom and I don’t have a monthly budget for cool new gadgets, I will have to see if I can afford it. In that case, I would go for the Apple iRAZR.

Love the show,

Awwwwwww = how sweet

…but ya do it with a great accent.

This is Tracy and I am still a guy dernit… the guy that always calls in and owns the Comcast-proof dogs.

I’m getting married (to a girl - even though it will be in CA) in Saint Helena next week and will be in S.F. the end of next week so don’t make me come down there. :)


Hi BOLers,

I had the same problem as Evan with ZoneAlarm after updating Windows yesterday. While the glitch is annoying, it’s relatively easy to fix… I just had to reinstall ZoneAlarm so that it could redetect Windows’ Internet settings. Pain in the butt, yes… but I’m not ready to jump on the antitrust train with this one…

Love the show.

Mike from Columbus, Ohio

As the two linked articles stated, the Microsoft update apparently broke ZoneAlarm. It did not break all third-party firewalls. I use Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall, and the Microsoft update did not break it. I was running just fine after the installation.

Larry in New Mexico

Hey BuzzCrew-
In reference to the Dvd copying you were talking about in episode 762, here’s what I do. I am subscribed to Netflix and when I get the DVDs in the mail I rip them to my hard drive. Not because I want to keep them, but because then I can watch them when I have time and still send back the movies to Netflix. This makes the turn around rate for the Netflix movies worth the monthly fee. I get the movies in the mail at 11 a.m., rip them, then bring the movies to the city mail boxes by 5 p.m. Netflix gets them the next day.

Love the show

Walton, NY


Thanks for reporting on the 3G iPhone release, you caused me to forget my wife’s birthday. All this talk about the BIG DAY being 7/11 has completely overshadowed an even bigger day in my puny little mind.

My wife was born on 7/8. Though, this year, I was convinced that her birthday was 7/11, until i walked into the house yesterday and she was dressed up to go out. “Where are you going?” I asked. She responded, “I’m taking myself out for my BIRTHDAY.”

By the time I came too, all was lost. I just curled my tail up and walked directly to the doghouse.

Thanks BOL,
Mark from Virginia


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