Buzz Out Loud 741: 3Gasm

All the iPhone and App Store news you can shake a stick at. Plus, RIM and Palm say they're thrilled about the new iPhone. Huh. Us, too!

All the iPhone and App Store news you can shake a stick at. Plus, RIM and Palm say they're thrilled about the new iPhone. Huh. Us, too! But it's a delayed, uh, 3Gasm, since the phone won't be coming out until July 11. In other news, Amazon broke itself, the MPAA wants to break your movie recording, and SanDisk kills the TakeTV and Fanfare less than a year after it was born.
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Live blog: Steve Jobs at WWDC 2008

What’s good for Apple is better for everyone else

Supercomputer sets petaflop pace

MPAA wants to stop DVRs from recording some movies

Amazon working again, but what went wrong?

SanDisk confirms death of TakeTV and Fanfare

Adapting Web sites to users

Meet Sense Networks, the latest player in the hot ‘geo’ market

Voice mail

About that whole voice mail thing.

Leif East Bay
Diamond notes.


Rating ads on CNET

Hello —
In episode 740 you discussed the “new” idea of giving feedback on ads.
HELLO? Do you not know that the CNET BOL page has already had this
feature for some time? In spite of what Tom says “you will do”, I have
given positive feedback on the ads I find unobtrusive and/or clever, as
well as ranting about annoying ads. (especially the ones where I’ve
accidentally activated a pop-up by mousing over the ad. GRRRR– I
refuse to read ads that do this!!!)

Of course I’ve done the verboten “pause podcast” to write this, so I
hope you didn’t mention this later in the show. :-)

Icelandscg in the Azores (for one more week– then moving to Germany)


Just wanted to say congrats to some BOL listeners

Last week a couple of friends of mine who are Buzz Out Loud listeners
got married.

I know they’re listening so I just wanted to say congratulations to Jeff
& Cela Schiffman.
Also, for the benefit of any nerds who are reading this (Tom, Molly, and
Jason) check out the wedding ring…
Designed by the groom it has Sapphires for the engine and a diamond in
the gun turret. It also split in two. When he proposed he gave her the
back half and said “You can have half now and the other half when we
reach Alderaan.”
Also, their wedding cake…
Also designed by the groom.

This is what happens when two people meet in a 6 week long line for a
Star Wars film in Hollywood :)

Love the show!


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iPhone 6S chip controversy over battery life

Not all new iPhones have the same processor chip, but Apple says differences in performance are minimal. Apple also pulls ad-blocking apps over privacy concerns, and Netflix raises its price again.

by Bridget Carey