Buzz Out Loud 637: New U.S. currency: Wii

Veronica Belmont and Nate Lanxon drop in to BOL today, and we revive the U.S. dollar by dumping it for the Wii.

Veronica Belmont and CNET TV U.K. host Nate Lanxon sit in with us today, we save the U.S. dollar by changing our national currency to the Wii, and both HD DVD and CompUSA are--at least briefly--revived from the dead.


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Whither HD VMD?
Now that HD DVD is dead, all that needs to be done is to sink Blu-ray and let the kazillion-layer disc take its rightful place! Yet, I hear not a peep about HD VMD. Conspiracy? Mel Gibson and I think so. ;)

Joe in Boston (Mooninite-free since 2007)

Well actually on iTunes prices

All iTunes singles are back to 99 cents (even the DRM free). Apple talked EMI to drop the price after the Amazon DRM free store launch.


Hey, here's an idea

As you're currently at CES and...Veronica is currently at CES after listening to the Best of 2007 show, I want Veronica back on as a guest. Keep up the great show.

Ben, Ireland.

Vote for People's Voice

Thousands of products make their debut at the International Consumer Electronics Show. CNET editors have made their selections of the hottest gadgets for 2008 and narrowed it down to just 30 products. You have a chance to cast your vote for the product that you think will be the most-talked about. Vote online at or send a text message with the nominee number to CNET1 (26381). You can find the nominee numbers at or on your mobile device at

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