Busted for copyright infringement

The English Premier League had threatened to clamp down on the posting of highlights from games online. Who knew it would follow through?

I'm on the run. I've assumed a pseudonym: "Sccrfan." My wife and kids will miss me, but I guess I'll just need to wait the 3,283 years until the copyright term expires. Unless Congress extends it. Again. :-)

Yes, the English Premier League warned that this would happen - I'm just surprised that it finally has. It will be a very sad day if I'm not able to see highlights of games anymore online (as the Premier League never posts any), but I certainly won't be posting anymore. A sad day in Whoville.

Here's the notice I received in my email this morning:

In my defense, I posted the video before the English Premier League started rattling the copyright saber. I thought (and think, frankly) that this would be covered by Fair Use. I don't really want to be the guinea pig to find out if I'm right, however.

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